Welcome Note From The President

I am very delighted to address all Fellows in this maiden edition of From the President’s Desk. Thank you very much for the confidence reposed in the EXCO of WACS to steer the affairs of our College at this time. In seeking the Office of President in 2013,I had proposed a 10- point agenda namely: to

i. Advance the strategic objectives of WACS.
ii. Promote active participation of fellows in College activities.
iii. Embark on activities relevant to the health needs of member countries of ECOWAS.
iv. Pursue a greater participation of ECOWAS through a deeper interaction with WAHO
v. Promote strong Sub-Saharan partnership in Medical education, training and research
vi. Promote further Anglophone/Francophone integration.
vii. Strengthen international partnerships/linkages with IFSC,ACS, PAAS,COSECSA,RCS RCPS, e.t.c
viii. Promote strong culture of documentation and storage in the College.
ix. Improve the assets and capital base of the WACS.
x. Provide a leadership fully equipped with differential, creative, Innovative, Integrative and Futuristic thinking which will result in revolutionary progress in the College.

This agenda is bigger than my tenure as such we have fashioned it to be transformational, trans-generational and all-inclusive. In this 1st phase, our priority projects include reforms in examinations process with the introduction of Computer Based Testing and objectively structured clinical examination format. At the same time we shall pursue the speedy completion our permanent secretariat in Yaba-Lagos. In addition to the above we shall introduce regular surgical outreaches within member nations as part of our corporate responsibility even as we also develop and implement WACS and national surgical plans. We shall together with our partners establish advanced skills and simulation centres and education resource facilities within the subregion. We invite all fellows and friends of WACS to continue to support these laudable and achievable goals.

Finally, while congratulating the government and people of Burkina Faso and the LOC led by Prof Jean Lankoande for the successful 57th conference in Ouagadougou, I urge us all to commence preparations towards the 58th WACS annual conference in Banjul, the Gambia in 2018.

Let us arise and go forward so we can go far

Professor King-David Terna Yawe FWACS

29th President WACS
College History
After a brilliant undergraduate and postgraduate career in the United Kingdom, a young Camerounian decided to return to West Africa to continue his march to the excellence of the science and the art of Surgery .It was in the late months of 1959 and his name was Victor Anoma Ngu. On the same flight was Dr Charles Bowesman, a British Surgeon in the services of the Ghana Government at Kumasi. Either as a diversion from fear or to ward off the boredom of air travel, they discussed the need for Surgeons in practice in West Africa to meet occasionally and exchange experiences in surgical problems that relate to the local milieu. When the plane landed in Accra. It was the last time that Victor saw or heard from Dr Bowesman but it was the beginning of the associations of Surgeons West Africa.

The first Council Meeting of the then Association of Surgeons of West Africa was held in Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria on December 3,1960 .It was also the venue of its first Annual Conference which was held in 1961.Annual Conferences have been held ever since .In 1969, the Association 's objective of promoting post-graduate education and training in surgery led to the establishment in Accra of the West African college of Surgeons to run "pari passu" with the Association of Surgeons of West Africa (ASWA).In 1973 ,at Benin City the functions assets and liabilities were transferred to the College while the associations ceased to exist.

In January 1975,the College was by resolution inaugurated as a constituent College of the West African Postgraduate Medical College (WAPMC) a specialized agency of the West African Health Community.

The financial constraints, which hitherto had accounted for the slow progress of the College, loosened. The Structure of Faculties and the regulations of the examinations quickly emerged in addition to the Faculty syllabi. The first examinations under the WAPMC Programme took place in October 1979.The examination centers were in Ibadan, Accra and Monrovia .The College has intensified its training Programme by the frequent organization of postgraduate courses in Lagos, Accra ,Benin , and Ibadan. Many more are planned in in more diverse centers in collaboration with existing institutions in the area.The Diplomas of the College are recognized in the participating countries and guarantied by the signatories of the West African Health Community Treaty.
College Objectives
The objectives of the SURGICAL COLLEGE shall be:

The promotion, organization and conduct of postgraduate education and training in Surgery, related disciplines and specialties in West Africa through the composition of Faculties. In this regard, SURGERY shall be deemed to include
Dental Surgery
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
General Surgery and related Sub-specialties as the SURGICAL COLLEGE may determine from time to time
Any other Specialties as the SURGICAL COLLEGE may determine.
The fostering and coordination of education and research in Surgery and related disciplines.
Cooperation with appropriate national and international bodies worldwide with aims and objectives likely to promote, assist, develop and advance the interests of the SURGICAL COLLEGE in the pursuit of its objectives.
The preparation and publication of journals, pamphlets and memoranda, singly or in collaboration with other bodies or organization as may be considered useful in support of these objectives.
The conduct, participation in and appointment of representatives or delegates to meetings, symposia, conferences and other bodies on medical and related disciplines, and setting up appropriate committees for the consideration of the objectives of the SURGICAL COLLEGE.
College Officers
President Prof. K. D. T YAWE

1st Vice-President Prof. S. M. Gueye

2nd Vice-President Prof. DONKOR Peter

Secretary General Dr. J. O. OLATOSI

Honorary Treasurer Prof. BAIYEROJU

Assistant Secretary General Prof. P MSHELBWALA

Assistant Honorary Treasurer Prof. Grace PARKINS
Council Members
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Past Presidents
Sir SAMUEL MANUWA 1961 - 1963
Prof. C. O. EASMON 1963 - 1965
Prof. H. ORISHEJOLOMI THOMAS 1965 - 1967
Mr. A. E. OLU-WILLIAMS 1967 - 1969
Dr. E. EVANS-ANFOM 1969 - 1971
Prof. A. V. NGU 1971 - 1973
Dr. A. J. OHIN 1973 - 1975
Prof. O. A. ADESOLA 1975 - 1977
Prof. J.K.M. QUARTEY 1977 - 1979
Prof. K. KOTSO-NATHANIELS 1979 - 1981
Prof. T. F. SOLANKE 1981 - 1983
Prof. E. A. BADOE 1983 - 1985
Prof. V. E. AIMAKHU 1985 - 1987
Prof. A. Y. ANGATE 1987 - 1989
Prof. O. O. AJAYI 1989 - 1991
Prof. D.J.O. ffOULKES-CRABBE 1991 - 1993
Prof. C. K. GHARTEY 1993 - 1995
Prof. F. A. NWAKO 1995 - 1997
Prof. E. Q. ARCHAMPONG 1997 - 1999
Prof. A. D. O. WRIGHT 1999 - 2001
Prof. MAMADOU GUEYE 2001 - 2001
Prof. O.F. GIWA-OSAGIE 2001 - 2003
Prof. O.F. GIWA-OSAGIE 2003 - 2005
Prof. E.D. YEBOAH 2005 - 2007
Prof. E. ALIHONU 2007 - 2008
Prof. O. O. MBONU 2009 - 2011
Prof. O. K. OGEDENGBE 2011 - 2013
Prof. K. H. YANGNI-ANGATE 2013 - 2015
Fellows' List

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